Bridging the Gap in Electronic Healthcare

Medical transcription services are bridging the gap and make electronic healthcare adoption easier. While many healthcare providers and clinics are using patient management systems for patient scheduling, accounting and other front office functions, providers are slowly becoming completely digital operations.

One of the easiest ways that physicians can start going digital in their practice is by using digital dictation and transcription services.Rather than spending time writing their clinical notes by hand, they can speak directly into a digital voice recorder or smart phone. A digital voice recording is far more accurate than handwritten notes. The voice files can then be uploaded to a medical transcription service where a medical transcriptionist will transcribe the recording into an electronic document that can be printed and placed into the patient’s clinical file or downloaded into a patient management system. Down the road if a patient or another provider contacts the practice regarding their consult or treatment, the physician can either review the electronic transcription or listen to the actual voice recording.

Also, medical transcription services are easier for physicians to adopt. That’s because there are no capital expense or complicated software to learn and the physician can instantly see the productivity benefits. When the clinic decides to purchase an EMR system the electronic transcription files can be downloaded directly into the system. This enables the physician to continue with their established workflow and existing transcription service, thus making EMR adoption much easier.

Australian healthcare is going digital. A medical transcription service makes it easier for physicians to start using digital technology in their practice without having to spend huge sums of money or invest a large amount of time learning new software. Once they incorporate digital dictation into their workflow, they will be able to consult more patients per day and spend less time managing paperwork.

Advantages of Medical Transcription Services

Healthcare providers are always looking for ways to improve patient care without incurring additional costs. As a result, many physicians and most specialists are employing some form of dictation in their practice. While some providers are already benefiting from using medical transcription services, others are using dictation software and are realising that it doesn’t save them the amount of time they thought it would.

Here are the top four advantages for hiring a medical transcription service to transcribe your dictation.

They deliver the highest accuracy rates. One of the major advantages of using a medical transcription service is their accuracy rate. The best firms to consider are hybrid agencies. Hybrid agencies use a combination of high-end professional transcription software and trained medical transcriptionists. This arrangement enables them to process dictations very quickly with nearly 100% accuracy. The more accurate your transcription is, the less time you have to spend making corrections before adding it to the patient’s clinical file.

They improve the efficiency of your clinic. When you use a medical transcription service, you simply upload your digital dictation and they take care of the rest while you continue with your daily routine. This allows both the physician and clinical staff to focus on patient care and other tasks rather than transcribing stacks of patient files that can take days to complete.

They can lower your cost. Many physicians only consider the cost of purchasing dictation software and don’t take into consideration the amount of time they and their staff spend processing each transcription. This hidden cost typically makes dictation software more expensive than using a medical transcription service.

No software purchase or capital expense required. When you use a medical transcription service there is no software for you to install or complicated set ups.Consider companies that don’t require contracts and that only charge you for each line they transcribe. Some firms even have a mobile app that makes uploading digital dictation quick and easy.

Mobile App Turns Smartphone into Digital Voice Recorder

With so many applications available for smart phones, they really have become indispensible productivity tools. With a digital voice recorder application, a smart phone becomes a mobile digital voice recorder. This brings digital dictation to a whole new level because you are free to dictate from wherever you happen to be. You no longer need a separate device or a computer workstation.

Medical professionals can use their iPhone as a digital voice recorder to dictate clinical encounters and upload the digital voice file directly to a medical transcription service with a click. The next day, the physician reviews the electronic transcription documents for each patient that they consulted with either from within the office or by phone. This not only saves physicians and their staff a tremendous amount of time and paperwork, but it helps to ensure that their clinical notes are as accurate as possible.

Using their Android or iPhone, Academic students can record their lectures. The voice files can be uploaded to a transcription service that will provide the student with an electronic transcript of the recording. This makes it easier for them to learn the material and study for exams. Also, attorneys and corporate executives can use their mobile phone to digitally record important meetings which can then be transcribed into an electronic document without the need for additional staff.

Regardless of the industry you are in, a digital voice recorder mobile app is a useful tool that can play an important role in many situations when you need an accurate record of a meeting. When you combine the ability to have a digital archive of the recording with an electronic transcription, you have the best of both worlds.

How Difficult is a Medical Transcription Training

A lot of people are already familiar with the opportunity and benefits you get when you will become a certified medical transcriptionist, but this will never happen if you won’t take proper medical transcription training. The second question kicks in, is it really that hard, am I going to make it? Well, that is a bummer… Here we are going to help you clarify that as much as we could; the difficulty level will vary depending on your current experience and knowledge when it comes to the basics.

We will provide you some major key factors that will help you know if the training is easy or hard for you, the more that you got, the easier it is, but the lesser you know, of course, the harder.

The Basic 7:

General Computer Skills

MS Word & other MS office software
English skills – writing, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, etc.
Medical Terminology


Medical Transcription

These are the basics which will define what is easy and what is hard when it comes to becoming a professional MT, the training is majorly focused on these basics. First of all, if you have zero knowledge about using the computer, then this job will become a hundred times more difficult that you’d imagined it to be. You at least need to know how the computer works and what the basics are in order to lessen the supervision you need and can follow instructions easily. As of course, one of the main goals in becoming an MT is to work at home, hence there is almost no supervisor to ask around when it comes to having problems with your own unit.

MS Word and English skills, if you have these, then writing what you hear will not be much of a problem; if not then I guess this will never work out. English is a must when it comes to this, as most of the time the client will be speaking English. Then certain formats will be provided, without the know-how in using the word properly, you might say that it will take more time learning on MS Word rather than the actual medical transcription training.

Medical Terminologies, along with anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology are the crucial part in making the job easy. If you have absolutely zero knowledge about this, then the training will be challenging but not as hell if you have the first basic 3 as mentioned above. If you have good knowledge about these, then having the medical transcription training is easy as pie.

Why Medical Terminologies Is a Must for Medical Transcription Online Work

In an industry with words unfamiliar with most people,Medical Transcription Online Work is definitely not an easy job when it comes to technicalities. Even though it has the benefit of working at the comfort of your own home, you will still be facing the challenges such as difficult medical terminologies, pharmacology, plus enduring multiple accents and background noise is quite the hardship.

But why learning and mastering Medical Terminologies is indeed a must? Common or standard transcriptionist say that anyone can transcribe as long as they can hear it, but the problem with that, even if it is true, is it takes a ridiculous amount of time just to encode it because simply the words are too unfamiliar or difficult. This is the reason we have Medical Transcriptionists who are masters in Medical Transcription Online or at an office environment.

Learning these terminologies is indeed a requirement that is why you have to train for about 6 – 12 months, depending on how familiar you are when it comes to biology, anatomy, pharmacology, and other subjects related to the medical field.

But, just to keep things in perspective, learning these doesn’t make you a doctor, you just know the terms or words, making it much easier to spell it and encode it. A medical transcriptionist isn’t required to know every meaning of every medical word they hear. If they need to know that, it would take a much longer training and preferably they would rather become a doctor or a nurse.

The thing is, when it comes to what you hear, you can easily repeat a word if you’ve heard it a lot or say it a lot, but when it comes to like “ciprofloxacin,” an antibiotic medicine, you will never be able to spell that without searching the internet for help, and you need to replay it about 15 times. This takes too much time and effort, but if you’d master medical terms, then medical transcription online is just a piece of cake.

Medical Transcription May Become Obsolete in the Far Future

Today, this industry is one of the most successful, blooming, and growing. It is promising as medical practitioners, health care experts, and providers resort to this service as it is reliable and fast. It doesn’t come very expensive as well and helps these professionals in a very wonderful way. But it has some predicted issues in the far future.

Technology as we all know is always advancing, and in the part of transcription and voice recognition, it is becoming more and more promising. You can try it for yourself right now by simply using Google voice command, which can easily detect your words precisely. If you would do voice command just about 6 years ago, you would have to repeat and repeat the words around more than 3 to 5 times just to get it right, better type it that say it. But now, you just simply say it once and the program will perfectly encode it and can even say it back to you without a problem.

The fact that technology has improved so much in just a few years time; it will also apply towards some faulty medical transcription programs of today to become better and more reliable. This fact is actually a threat towards the industry as medical transcriptionist might no longer be needed or very few will just be required to review the results by the finished transcription product form these transcription softwares.

But, when this day would come, and it eventually will, people should learn to adapt and change. Have Switchboard Operators for example, they were actually one of the most crucial and important jobs of the 1960’s but because of technology, this job is just a word and memory. The thing is, there is always consistent change in this world, but maybe in the future, there will also be new jobs that need new professionals. What comes around goes around, and that is something no man earth can stop. Who can tell, there would be machines that are able to diagnose any type of disease, and then there would be machines that can cure anything, so who would then need doctors?

Medical Transcription Melbourne Recommends Quality Tools and Equipment

When it comes to a work that really depends on the performance of your tools, you should never settle for really cheap and ugly equipment with low quality. We are not saying that you should invest in the best or extremely high-quality tools, but we simply want you to have something decent that will not fail you when it comes to transcribing. Here at Medical Transcription Melbourne, we recommend these generally exceptional and basic tools and equipment that you should have to improve performance and deliver good quality.

Decent Computer

This is a top priority, with today’s technological advancement; there are hundreds of cheap computers that work really well. Settling for a computer that’s built in 2012 or more recent provides excellent performance, go for brand new as much as possible, you don’t want to have some hidden defect that can suddenly hinder your work progress in the future, remember that your computer is your life-force in this particular job as a medical transcriptionist.

Fast and Stable Internet Connection

This isn’t a problem today for most 1st world countries, but for some having the concern on what type of speed is advisable, at least get 3 to 5 Mbps as you will have much time downloading audio files, and uploading your encoded document. Make sure you will have a stable provider as sudden disconnections are indeed a NO.

Premium Audio Software

When it comes to the world of transcription, you should expect that you will utilise the playback button as often as needed, install premium software even if it comes with a price so not only that you can play it back without hassle, but you can edit the sound to your preference and improve overall clarity – which is very important when it comes to transcribing.

High-quality Headset

Believe it or not, you won’t go far if you’re just going to settle for a speaker or a cheap free headset from phones. What you need is something that can minimise or eliminate the outside noise as much as possible to ensure that you will hear the recording perfectly clear – if you hear it clearer, you work amazingly faster.

Digital Foot Pedal

Believe it or not, this will be your best friend as it allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, and play your audio file with ease. No more clicking and tab turning when you work, making sure that your hands stay in the keyboard at all times, this is crucial and highly recommended to have at Medical Transcription Melbourne and other companies that offer Medical Transcription Services.

The Money on Medical Transcription Australia

One of the most popular home-based jobs around the world with good pay is none other than transcription services, but not just any, we are talking about medical transcription, specifically in Australia. This is undisputedly one career that lot of people are taking consideration into, the chance to just be at your very cosy home, near your family, near your favourite bed, and the expenses that will be eliminated if you no longer need to travel towards your office are offered by just providing medical transcription Australia.

How much is the possible income?

This is kind of tricky because there are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration, but we will talk about the basic possible pay that you will have if you are into this business. The average pay all over Australia is precisely around AU$37,401 – AU$63,251 per year (from PayScale’s survey) which if you think about it, it is absolutely good money. And you just simply work at home. The factors that will move you towards around 60k is by experience, and the quality and quantity you can provide, but having a start of more than 35K is really good money that you can do at home.

Now let’s talk about the stress level of the work…

Many people have been directly assuming that this work is just done at home and is really easy, this is the part where we would open you minds that there is no good pay without effort and sweat. This work is using a lot of your mental ability and not just all about transcribing or writing. This work has loads of hard terminologies that if you are unfamiliar with, you will never get the work done. This is why the starting pay is also a high because your stress level is also on high level too. Medical transcription Australia or in the U.S or other countries also have good pay on this career, but mind you, that you definitely need to be trained in order to work efficiently. Again, no good pay is effortless.

Why People choose to become a Medical Transcriptionist

The first and foremost reason why people choose this career is because this job can be done at home. Yes, it can be done at home and that is the primary reason why people are into this job and wants it. In the present world today, who would really want to go to work in an office? You would have to travel, consume, and have a budget how much would you spend in that day.

Thing is, working at home with good income is a sure win situation. Everyone loves to work at home because everything is accessible and practical, you can eat when hungry, you can use the bathroom comfortably and when you’re tired, you can easily have a nap.

This also allows you to be stress free from travelling and dealing with unwanted and uncooperative colleagues personally. Everyone just loves this concept and after your work, you can then have instant quality time with your love ones or do the things you love at home easily.

The second general reason is that this job is really high in demand and it pays really well. Although this work might not be really easy, and honestly there is stress and pressure present. The work has some good pay, around US$34,000 to US$50,000. It is certainly not a bad thing for anyone with the right working mind. This is one good promising career and the competition isn’t that high, so even if you are not a pro at this work yet, there is certainly a job opening for a medical transcriptionist somewhere out there who is willing to see you improve. It’s not a job that you would need to be an expert, but you do need the training and basic know-how in order for you to be equipped enough to work efficiently and effectively.

Third most common reason is that this is a great part-time job for students taking up medical courses, it allows them to have good extra income and can utilise what they learn at the same time, even listening to professionals is a key plus benefit towards their success.

Every Medical Transcription Company Should Follow These Tips

Every company has their own problems when it comes to controlling their manpower, well the good thing about it is that they can always train supervisors to watch over the workers. But, in the medical transcription industry, where most of your workers are at home, this is really a very big challenge. Here are some certainly great tips that should be followed by every medical transcription company:

Positive Reinforcement

Believe it or not, too much scolding and negative feedbacks can end in three serious things, the worker will get angry and intentionally provide you a crappier quality of work or they will instantly resign without proper notice or AWOL. Changing the atmosphere with a friendlier approach accompanied with bonus compensation if improved will boost their productions — proven and tested in any home based job.

Fast Response

We all know that we can’t instantly reply as managers and higher ups are really busy, but it doesn’t mean that they should never reply at all. One thing that breaks the spirit of most medical transcriptionist is that if their queries aren’t taken into consideration or answered at all! Especially if it is work related and there might be some problem. Replying just to clear the air can boost their morale and show them that the company does care.

Consistent Incentive Programs

Working at home does provide a lot of benefits already, but it doesn’t mean that the company should no longer provide fun incentive programs to keep their excitement high. Incentive programs can boost their productivity as they won’t get bored from the same day type of work, they’d even try new things just to work faster for the sake of getting that bonus. Not only that you gain their respect and trust, but you will have a great reputation as a medical transcription company that really cares for their employees.