The Job That Comes in With Flexibility – Medical Transcriptionist

There are so many job titles around the world today that offers good pay, from physical labour to simply mental work. Most works that use your mind rather than your body has always been placed in offices and in cubicles, but some jobs actually give you the pleasure to work at home, one of which is being a Professional Medical Transcriptionist.

This job is getting more and more popular due to the pay, the stable career, and the flexibility it offers. When it comes to flexibility, this is one of those jobs that would fit the description in a very profound manner. This is because an MT’s work is to simply transcribe voice recordings from physicians into digital text files, basically a documentation or transcription job but on the medical industry of sorts.

Today, most medical practitioners, if not all, are now using audio recorders to record their dictated description or details of their patient to ease and speed their line of work rather than writing it. However, these audio files are not easy to manage in that format; hence, proper documentation should be done. For that reason, MTs are present to lessen that task and document these audio files into text format.

MTs are given a certain deadline for each audio file to transcribe making it a job without any fixed schedule. Some files are very easy and are brief to work on; although, some files might have a little voice clarity issue making it harder, along with foreign accents that can cause the work to become more difficult.

The average income of a professional medical transcriptionist per year is about $43,000 USD. Most of them are paid either by the hour or by the line. When it comes to being paid by the line, it means to say that they earn money for each 65 characters they encode; this figure is on a general sense.

2 Top Reasons for Outsourcing medical transcription company in Sydney

Outsourcing is the best solution for accurate and better transcribed records of important dictations. Rather than hiring MTs for the facility and purchasing several transcription software, you will get teams of transcriptionists and proofreaders that are readily equipped and can deliver accurate and fast. These MTs are provided by the best medical transcription company in Sydney and ensures quality, confidentiality and effectiveness.

Are they cost-effective?

Most will argue that they are not but for many healthcare facilities that are already using the service, they notice how effective and reliable online MTs are. Here are top reasons on why outsourcing MTs are better than in-house hiring.

No Capital Investment

Most of in housing require you to purchase several transcription requirements such as dictation system, a computer and other tools to start transcribing. You will also have to upgrade that along the way. All of these can be very expensive and you will also have to maintain each equipment. Moreover, you are paying the hired transcriptionist too. You are investment are piling up. Outsourcing means, you don’t need all of this equipment and tools because the transcribers already have this in their homes or offices. You will only need to pay for the outsourcing price they will quote.

A Team of MTs

When you in-house, you will be only hiring 2 or 3 transcribers and it will be impossible for them to manage the sheer volume of dictations a day. You will also have to worry about them taking leaves of absence and sick leaves that will result to backlogs of important records. When you outsource from a medical transcription company in Sydney, they will provide several MTs that can finish all the dictations in no time as well as proofread it. It makes the workflow easier and cost-effective. No more backlogs and quicker turnaround.

Those two top reasons make outsourcing the best solution and the most sought-after skills in the medical industry. They can reduce extra and unwanted expenses while improving the quality of records.

What is medical transcription and why this job is right for you?

If you notice, most home based jobs that are in demand now are medical transcriptions but what is it really. What is the job and why is it in demand?

What is medical transcription?

These are written or typed records of a crucial information about patients. Often times, physicians or doctors examine their patients and dictate all important information such as laboratory tests and diagnoses. Almost always, doctors have a heavy accent and use medical terminologies and speak quickly. But why say it and when they can write it? Well, if you notice they are always using several apparatuses when examining and have no chance to write it down, so they dictate. These dictations are important to improve the operation and learn from these operations and studies. Therefore, it’s important that all transcriptions are extremely accurate.

What is the job and why is it in demand?

There are many healthcare facilities that need MTs and in housing, this job proves to be actually difficult. Despite nurses having a medical background, being an MT proves to be far more difficult. There are certain dictation or transcribing skills that are required. Being able to accurately type what is being said is a skill that should be trained and improved over years of experience.

It’s in demand because of the difficulty and importance of the job. All healthcare facilities need MTs. This is an ideal job for those who perfect to stay at home. They can build and extensive career and easily get several project in a short time. However, the best way to get a job quickly is to become a licensed MT and you get licenses through MT courses online.

Once you are licensed, make sure to apply on companies rather than working independently. Because of the confidentiality of the records, healthcare facilities prefer to have their records protected with complete confidentiality and outsourced companies provides that protection.

So to answer what is a medical transcription, they are an important factor in improving the medical field. They may have the hardest job but the salary is enough to support a home based lifestyle. Since they are in-demand, this is the best job out there.

The Modern Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist has been an important part of the healthcare industry. It has evolved from verbal dictation to hand-written records and now to digitally recorded audios into electronic health records. Nevertheless, as technology and medical needs progress, medical transcription and training also change. Here are ways to improve and stay within the modern age of MT.

1. Electronic Health Records

With the introduction of computers and online storage website, medical transcribed records are now easily accessible online or through computers. No more messy scattered and disorganized paper records in filing cabinets. Healthcare facilities can now avoid pulling the wrong information and disorganizing the files since all are now electronic. Having all files in electronic records can also result to having a standardization of all files. These will introduce organized files readable by most or many healthcare facilities.

2. Electronic recordings

Doctor’s or physician’s recordings are now digital and this helps MTs to transcribed the recording more accurately. They can use several tools to make their transcribing easier and better. Most of the best medical transcriptionist are from outsourced companies that hire home-based professional MTs who have developed and enhanced their skills not only with transcribing with medical terminologies in order to supply the demand of online MTs today. So if a patient or a nurse has a question and the doctor is not available, they can use the transcribed records to answer those questions.

3. Less room for error and quick turnaround

MTs are now highly specialized and outsourcing them is the best choice. Companies provide several transcriptionists and proofreaders to check and ensure quality and accuracy. All members are certified MTs that can transcribe accurately with 99% accuracy. There are also proofreaders to ensure that everything is correct.  Not only that, they use advanced computer tools that will make the delivery of files faster and in a standard format.

4. Training and certificates

When you hire or outsource MTs, it’s important to look for someone who has certification to provide this service. There are several online courses that can give accepted certifications. Those who have this can assure you that they will deliver accurate records.

Why Physicians Need Medical Transcription Services

Nowadays, most medical practitioners especially physicians are in need of medical transcription services to lessen the pressure of work, and would help them make their jobs just a bit easier. Here, we will provide you the great benefits why doctors should use Medical Transcription Services.

Free Time

Almost every busy medical practitioner knows that this career will sacrifice a lot of quality time to the things that they love, which includes having time towards their family and towards their favourite hobbies. Acquiring Medical Transcription Services allows a physician to no longer sit for hours working on their charting. This saves a lot of time and can be well spent on some things that they would consider what is more important


Save More Money

This is a lot more practical and will save you more compared to hiring your own in-house personnel. Take into consideration if you would hire a full-time transcriptionist, you just don’t pay the salary, but along with health insurance, payroll and unemployment tax, too much hassle for just a single employee. And, you have to provide time for a very cost trial and error period.

Why not remove all that fuss and simply use medical transcription Sydney that provides a better experience and result. This saves you more time and money than resorting to have an assistant that might not even be good enough.

Charting is Easy as Pie

No need for too much physical writing, you can just simply have your favourite recording device, may it be a Smartphone of any other handheld digital recorder, and dictate everything that is needed to be into your report.

Then, simply provide that recording to a professional medical transcription service, and you will receive it in less than 24 hours. And, no more worries if you lost some hand-typed notes!

Common Complaints on Providing Medical Transcription Services

Here are the most common complaints from medical transcriptionist towards their company

The complaints that you hear doesn’t only come from the person receiving a medical transcription service but also from the people who provides them. Today, companies are really pushing their transcriptionist to the limit that they provide very negative reviews towards the company, we will site only a few but will be good enough to make you ponder and plan better if you plan on establishing your very own medical transcription company.

The not so good review:

·Good company but lacks human touch

Most well-known and established companies are just pushing it, and they no longer give a lot of attention when it comes to their employees’ status or how they are doing. Usually the H.R doesn’t even mind the suggestions or the excuses and just acts like robots –Reputed company but support staff is like robots they don’t want to help you when you need their assistance.

·They don’t listen

There is a reason why the employees are actually the major part in order for the company to work, it’s just like a clock, without the tiny pieces such as the gears, the stones, and the screws, it just doesn’t work well and stick. The company really needs to pay attention and give consideration as without them, there is no company – “Take time to seriously consider the concerns from the MT

Won’t answer questions

This is one of the most frequent complaints that you will here when it comes to new employees hired by any company, it is certainly understandable that they will really have questions, and they need support. This is one of the major causes for resignation because they just don’t know what to do and you won’t even answer their questions, all they need is a guide. Give it to them or lose them.

How Does a Medical Transcription Company Help

A medical transcription company is a part of the healthcare industry, which provides transcription and editing on dictated reports or medical audio files, procedures, and notes in an electronic format that represents the treatment history or a patient. Physicians and medical or health practitioners now use audio recording tools and record towards what they do and perform on their patients, the medical transcribers’ main task is to transcribe that audio recording using a certain format or template depending on the health practitioners’ requests.

How this helps them:

· It Simplifies the Work of Physicians: The old days where doctors and other medical practitioners must do all the keen paperwork is going to an end, this has greatly eased the workflow of health practitioners all over the globe. Allowing them to focus on more serious matters and more significant things, just by the process of audio recording. They can provide the transcription in a timely fashion at the same time without providing too much effort but will still have high-quality clear documentation.

· Provides Accurate Reports: This boosts the credibility and efficiency of a medical practitioner as it allows him to provide well-written reports with having the same quality format at a very consistent rate. Health practitioners no longer need to keep things precisely clear toward their patients or clients, as written reports are the best way to provide accurate communication.

· Better Communication towards the Team: These reports are not only intended for patients but also towards the patient’s care team. It enables them to become more precise on what should be done, the health practitioners can always request to have different formats on the transcription, may it be in data form or narrative form, technical or expressive. It allows doctors to instruct more carefully, detail to detail, word for word.

These benefits are surely wonderful in today’s current setting, as the world is becoming busier, works can no longer be tagged as general. Everyone needs to have a helping hand, as specific things are now very important. But this should not be the cause of closing the idea that a medical transcription service provider is the sole solution to every medical documentation problem, but should be more of a tool in providing better documentation. Satisfaction is guaranteed towards every medical practitioner who uses this kind of service, especially among those who are very busy and trusted doctors with a very huge number of regular patients.




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