Bridging the Gap in Electronic Healthcare

Medical transcription services are bridging the gap and make electronic healthcare adoption easier. While many healthcare providers and clinics are using patient management systems for patient scheduling, accounting and other front office functions, providers are slowly becoming completely digital operations.

One of the easiest ways that physicians can start going digital in their practice is by using digital dictation and transcription services.Rather than spending time writing their clinical notes by hand, they can speak directly into a digital voice recorder or smart phone. A digital voice recording is far more accurate than handwritten notes. The voice files can then be uploaded to a medical transcription service where a medical transcriptionist will transcribe the recording into an electronic document that can be printed and placed into the patient’s clinical file or downloaded into a patient management system. Down the road if a patient or another provider contacts the practice regarding their consult or treatment, the physician can either review the electronic transcription or listen to the actual voice recording.

Also, medical transcription services are easier for physicians to adopt. That’s because there are no capital expense or complicated software to learn and the physician can instantly see the productivity benefits. When the clinic decides to purchase an EMR system the electronic transcription files can be downloaded directly into the system. This enables the physician to continue with their established workflow and existing transcription service, thus making EMR adoption much easier.

Australian healthcare is going digital. A medical transcription service makes it easier for physicians to start using digital technology in their practice without having to spend huge sums of money or invest a large amount of time learning new software. Once they incorporate digital dictation into their workflow, they will be able to consult more patients per day and spend less time managing paperwork.