Common Complaints on Providing Medical Transcription Services

Here are the most common complaints from medical transcriptionist towards their company

The complaints that you hear doesn’t only come from the person receiving a medical transcription service but also from the people who provides them. Today, companies are really pushing their transcriptionist to the limit that they provide very negative reviews towards the company, we will site only a few but will be good enough to make you ponder and plan better if you plan on establishing your very own medical transcription company.

The not so good review:

·Good company but lacks human touch

Most well-known and established companies are just pushing it, and they no longer give a lot of attention when it comes to their employees’ status or how they are doing. Usually the H.R doesn’t even mind the suggestions or the excuses and just acts like robots –Reputed company but support staff is like robots they don’t want to help you when you need their assistance.

·They don’t listen

There is a reason why the employees are actually the major part in order for the company to work, it’s just like a clock, without the tiny pieces such as the gears, the stones, and the screws, it just doesn’t work well and stick. The company really needs to pay attention and give consideration as without them, there is no company – “Take time to seriously consider the concerns from the MT

Won’t answer questions

This is one of the most frequent complaints that you will here when it comes to new employees hired by any company, it is certainly understandable that they will really have questions, and they need support. This is one of the major causes for resignation because they just don’t know what to do and you won’t even answer their questions, all they need is a guide. Give it to them or lose them.