How Difficult is a Medical Transcription Training

A lot of people are already familiar with the opportunity and benefits you get when you will become a certified medical transcriptionist, but this will never happen if you won’t take proper medical transcription training. The second question kicks in, is it really that hard, am I going to make it? Well, that is a bummer… Here we are going to help you clarify that as much as we could; the difficulty level will vary depending on your current experience and knowledge when it comes to the basics.

We will provide you some major key factors that will help you know if the training is easy or hard for you, the more that you got, the easier it is, but the lesser you know, of course, the harder.

The Basic 7:

General Computer Skills

MS Word & other MS office software
English skills – writing, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, etc.
Medical Terminology


Medical Transcription

These are the basics which will define what is easy and what is hard when it comes to becoming a professional MT, the training is majorly focused on these basics. First of all, if you have zero knowledge about using the computer, then this job will become a hundred times more difficult that you’d imagined it to be. You at least need to know how the computer works and what the basics are in order to lessen the supervision you need and can follow instructions easily. As of course, one of the main goals in becoming an MT is to work at home, hence there is almost no supervisor to ask around when it comes to having problems with your own unit.

MS Word and English skills, if you have these, then writing what you hear will not be much of a problem; if not then I guess this will never work out. English is a must when it comes to this, as most of the time the client will be speaking English. Then certain formats will be provided, without the know-how in using the word properly, you might say that it will take more time learning on MS Word rather than the actual medical transcription training.

Medical Terminologies, along with anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology are the crucial part in making the job easy. If you have absolutely zero knowledge about this, then the training will be challenging but not as hell if you have the first basic 3 as mentioned above. If you have good knowledge about these, then having the medical transcription training is easy as pie.