Medical Transcription May Become Obsolete in the Far Future

Today, this industry is one of the most successful, blooming, and growing. It is promising as medical practitioners, health care experts, and providers resort to this service as it is reliable and fast. It doesn’t come very expensive as well and helps these professionals in a very wonderful way. But it has some predicted issues in the far future.

Technology as we all know is always advancing, and in the part of transcription and voice recognition, it is becoming more and more promising. You can try it for yourself right now by simply using Google voice command, which can easily detect your words precisely. If you would do voice command just about 6 years ago, you would have to repeat and repeat the words around more than 3 to 5 times just to get it right, better type it that say it. But now, you just simply say it once and the program will perfectly encode it and can even say it back to you without a problem.

The fact that technology has improved so much in just a few years time; it will also apply towards some faulty medical transcription programs of today to become better and more reliable. This fact is actually a threat towards the industry as medical transcriptionist might no longer be needed or very few will just be required to review the results by the finished transcription product form these transcription softwares.

But, when this day would come, and it eventually will, people should learn to adapt and change. Have Switchboard Operators for example, they were actually one of the most crucial and important jobs of the 1960’s but because of technology, this job is just a word and memory. The thing is, there is always consistent change in this world, but maybe in the future, there will also be new jobs that need new professionals. What comes around goes around, and that is something no man earth can stop. Who can tell, there would be machines that are able to diagnose any type of disease, and then there would be machines that can cure anything, so who would then need doctors?