Medical Transcription Melbourne Recommends Quality Tools and Equipment

When it comes to a work that really depends on the performance of your tools, you should never settle for really cheap and ugly equipment with low quality. We are not saying that you should invest in the best or extremely high-quality tools, but we simply want you to have something decent that will not fail you when it comes to transcribing. Here at Medical Transcription Melbourne, we recommend these generally exceptional and basic tools and equipment that you should have to improve performance and deliver good quality.

Decent Computer

This is a top priority, with today’s technological advancement; there are hundreds of cheap computers that work really well. Settling for a computer that’s built in 2012 or more recent provides excellent performance, go for brand new as much as possible, you don’t want to have some hidden defect that can suddenly hinder your work progress in the future, remember that your computer is your life-force in this particular job as a medical transcriptionist.

Fast and Stable Internet Connection

This isn’t a problem today for most 1st world countries, but for some having the concern on what type of speed is advisable, at least get 3 to 5 Mbps as you will have much time downloading audio files, and uploading your encoded document. Make sure you will have a stable provider as sudden disconnections are indeed a NO.

Premium Audio Software

When it comes to the world of transcription, you should expect that you will utilise the playback button as often as needed, install premium software even if it comes with a price so not only that you can play it back without hassle, but you can edit the sound to your preference and improve overall clarity – which is very important when it comes to transcribing.

High-quality Headset

Believe it or not, you won’t go far if you’re just going to settle for a speaker or a cheap free headset from phones. What you need is something that can minimise or eliminate the outside noise as much as possible to ensure that you will hear the recording perfectly clear – if you hear it clearer, you work amazingly faster.

Digital Foot Pedal

Believe it or not, this will be your best friend as it allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, and play your audio file with ease. No more clicking and tab turning when you work, making sure that your hands stay in the keyboard at all times, this is crucial and highly recommended to have at Medical Transcription Melbourne and other companies that offer Medical Transcription Services.