Mobile App Turns Smartphone into Digital Voice Recorder

With so many applications available for smart phones, they really have become indispensible productivity tools. With a digital voice recorder application, a smart phone becomes a mobile digital voice recorder. This brings digital dictation to a whole new level because you are free to dictate from wherever you happen to be. You no longer need a separate device or a computer workstation.

Medical professionals can use their iPhone as a digital voice recorder to dictate clinical encounters and upload the digital voice file directly to a medical transcription service with a click. The next day, the physician reviews the electronic transcription documents for each patient that they consulted with either from within the office or by phone. This not only saves physicians and their staff a tremendous amount of time and paperwork, but it helps to ensure that their clinical notes are as accurate as possible.

Using their Android or iPhone, Academic students can record their lectures. The voice files can be uploaded to a transcription service that will provide the student with an electronic transcript of the recording. This makes it easier for them to learn the material and study for exams. Also, attorneys and corporate executives can use their mobile phone to digitally record important meetings which can then be transcribed into an electronic document without the need for additional staff.

Regardless of the industry you are in, a digital voice recorder mobile app is a useful tool that can play an important role in many situations when you need an accurate record of a meeting. When you combine the ability to have a digital archive of the recording with an electronic transcription, you have the best of both worlds.