The Job That Comes in With Flexibility – Medical Transcriptionist

There are so many job titles around the world today that offers good pay, from physical labour to simply mental work. Most works that use your mind rather than your body has always been placed in offices and in cubicles, but some jobs actually give you the pleasure to work at home, one of which is being a Professional Medical Transcriptionist.

This job is getting more and more popular due to the pay, the stable career, and the flexibility it offers. When it comes to flexibility, this is one of those jobs that would fit the description in a very profound manner. This is because an MT’s work is to simply transcribe voice recordings from physicians into digital text files, basically a documentation or transcription job but on the medical industry of sorts.

Today, most medical practitioners, if not all, are now using audio recorders to record their dictated description or details of their patient to ease and speed their line of work rather than writing it. However, these audio files are not easy to manage in that format; hence, proper documentation should be done. For that reason, MTs are present to lessen that task and document these audio files into text format.

MTs are given a certain deadline for each audio file to transcribe making it a job without any fixed schedule. Some files are very easy and are brief to work on; although, some files might have a little voice clarity issue making it harder, along with foreign accents that can cause the work to become more difficult.

The average income of a professional medical transcriptionist per year is about $43,000 USD. Most of them are paid either by the hour or by the line. When it comes to being paid by the line, it means to say that they earn money for each 65 characters they encode; this figure is on a general sense.