Practice Management and EMR Integration

Many medical practices and hospitals that have installed computerised practice management and/or electronic medical records solutions are often faced with a new challenge; what is the best way to input the patient encounter details? This often leads to a gap between the front office and the clinical team. To fill in the gap, either the physician or their assistant will need to manually enter the data into the system, or the physician can dictate. Many healthcare providers are choosing dictation.

When the physician dictates the encounter, ScripTeam transcribes the dictation into an electronic document and automatically enters the data into the practice management or EMR system. Integrating our transcription solution into their existing software allows the physician to obtain the benefits of electronic documentation without having to write or manually enter data. This is extremely powerful because without the clinical team onboard it will be difficult for a medical practice or hospital to realise the full financial benefit from their PM or EMR system.

The freedom to dictate your way

ScripTeam enables physicians to continue practicing medicine the way that works best for them. They especially enjoy our iPhone application that gives them the flexibility to dictate on demand with a click from any location in the world. Alternatively, dictation can be accomplished using a digital voice recorder or a microphone attached to a PC.

Regardless of your preferred dictation method, the transcription will be ready for review within 24 hours (4 hours with STAT option). Once you make any necessary edits and sign off, the data will appear in your PM/EMR system just as if you typed it in yourself. Learn more about our transcription process.

With ScripTeam’s transcription services solution, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and handwritten documentation. You will be able to spend more time caring for patients and less time doing paperwork. Start your ScripTeam free trial today and get the most out of your practice management or electronic medical record solution.