Why Outsource Medical Transcription?

Healthcare providers are often burdened with a heavy load of paperwork that is required to document each interaction with the patient whether it is in the office, on the phone or other forms of correspondence. Due to the high volumes of workload and the fact that most medical offices do not have a dedicated medical transcriptionist, many healthcare providers outsource their medical transcription to ScripTeam.

Reduce errors

Since medical transcription is our main line of business, our staff of highly trained transcriptionists have become extremely proficient at what they do. This results in a more accurate transcription of your dictation. When physicians and health care providers are able to spend less time correcting errors they have more time to spend on other, more important duties.

Increase productivity

When you think about it, your most valuable asset is time. One way to look at it is that ScripTeam gives you more time. Instead of having piles of files with clinical notes, physicians can simply dictate their notes. We process the dictation and the physician receives an electronic transcription by the next day. This allows the physician to see more patients throughout the day without adding to their staff’s workload.

Reduce costs

It is often cheaper to outsource your transcription to us than doing it inhouse. This is because you pay for only what we type. On the other hand, if you do it internally you’re paying a staff member for the entire time it takes them to transcribe.

Improve patient care

Outsourcing transcription improves patient care in a number of ways. First, by reducing your workload you get to spend more time tending to your patients. Second, it is often easier for staff members and other healthcare professionals to review an electronic transcription rather than handwritten clinical notes. Third, electronic transcriptions are more accurate.

ScripTeam will handle your medical transcription faster, with fewer errors and at a lower cost. See why we’re the preferred solution for many healthcare professionals, try ScripTeam free today!