Other Transcription Services

Due to our fast response, high rate of accuracy and low cost, we are often asked to provide other types of transcription services. Our trained transcriptionists can convert practically any audio file into an electronic text document.

Business Transcription

Business transcription services are a necessary component to avoid any misinterpretation of information that could result in contract disputes or legal challenges for a business. Failure to effectively document business information could potentially cause client and personnel issues leading to a substantial capital loss.

Having accurate business transcriptions can successfully prevent many of these issues from escalating. Conference calls, corporate meetings and voice mails are examples of the many types of audio files that we can transcribe into an electronic text document.

Academic Transcription

audio transcriptionScripTeam provides affordable academic transcription services for students, professors and administrators that saves valuable research time. By transcribing recorded interviews, for example, advanced degree students will be able to spend more time completing their work instead of having to manually transcribe recordings from multiple sources. In addition, students that transcribe their recorded lectures are usually more productive with their studies. It may also help them to better retain the information they are learning.

Members of the academic community will benefit greatly from our fast turnaround, low prices and technology that makes it possible for our electronic transcriptions to be imported directly into most word processing applications.