Medical Transcription Services

Technological innovations of the last few decades are changing the face of healthcare as medical offices, hospitals and providers embrace digital technology. Each patient file contains a tremendous amount of documentation including prescriptions, referrals, clinical notes, etc. These documents can now be stored in a digital format replacing rows of steel filing cabinets.

Medical transcription is an allied health profession that has become a crucial factor in bringing medicine into the future. The need for transcription services has exploded in the past few years as physicians have become more comfortable with digital devices and a desire to improve productivity. Many physicians prefer to dictate their clinical notes using their iPhone or digital voice recorder rather than typing their notes into an EMR system. Thus, medical transcription has become an integral part of the electronic medical record.


Using dictation physicians can quickly and accurately record clinical notes in their own voice immediately following the patient encounter while it is still fresh in their mind. A professionally trained medical transcriptionist (MT) transcribes the audio file into an electronic document. Although voice recognition programs have assisted doctors around the world to dictate their information, their lower accuracy rate often requires extensive editing. Our solution combines specialised software technology with qualified medical transcriptionists to achieve the highest accuracy rate possible at very competitive rates, thus giving physicians the best of both worlds. This will not only save time, but it will ensure the accuracy of their electronic transcription document as it does become part of the patient’s permanent medical history.


As you can tell, medical transcription services provide a medical practice with a variety of important benefits. It is in everyone’s best interest to reduce the amount of paper and hand-written notes. More importantly, having immediate access to patient data at the click of a button is a lot more efficient than having to file and re-file patient folders. Being able to respond immediately; for something like allergies while a patient is an emergency situation at another location, has already saved many lives. With electronic data patient information can be exchanged between treating doctors and hospitals rapidly.

Whether you are a solo medical practice or a large hospital, ScripTeam’s innovative transcription services can quickly and accurately handle your workload. Start your free trial today!