Why Choose ScripTeam?

Accuracy in medical transcription is paramount. As part of our commitment to quality, your facility will be assigned a dedicated transcriptionist who will learn your dictation style and specific requirements, allowing for an even greater accuracy over time.

Our three-step quality assurance process is backed with a 99% accuracy guarantee:

  • Medical transcription – An experienced medical transcriptionist assigned to your healthcare facility transcribes your dictation into an MS-Word document.
  • Proofreading – A proofreader listens to your dictation in full while simultaneously checking the transcription for any gaps or errors.
  • Quality analysis – A quality analyst reviews the work of the transcriptionist and proofreader to ensure that the document is complete and correct.

Pay only for what we type

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It doesn’t get much simpler than this: you only pay for what we type. No set-up costs, hidden charges or pricing uncertainties – ever! We use the most common international standard of line measurement (65 characters per line) and our competitive pricing will help you save as much as 50% off your overall transcription costs.

No fixed contracts

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Our repeat business comes from satisfied clients and their colleagues. We don’t tie you down with contract requirements and hence you do not have any lock-in with our transcription services. Plus, our confidentiality, privacy and security agreements remain the same whether you use our service once in a week or on a daily basis.

Free Trial

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Our no-obligation free trial lets you evaluate our services alongside your current transcription solution. See for yourself how ScripTeam measures up; and if you decide that we’re the right choice for you we’ll be ready to help you with your transition process. Start your free trial today!

Confidential transmission

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We use industry standard encryption technology to safeguard the transmission of your files. Whether you are uploading an audio dictation, reviewing your account or downloading transcriptions, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe and secure.

iPhone integration

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Dictate using your iPhone and send the audio files directly to our servers with just a single click. This is the ultimate dictation solution that gives you the flexibility for dictating your notes anywhere, anytime.

We get it done STAT

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When you need it fast, our short turnaround (STAT) service can have your transcriptions ready within 4 hours. This is a relief for radiologists, surgeons and health care providers that often require immediate transcriptions in emergency situations. Our optional STAT service is subject to availability and requires a regular STAT contractual commitment based on volume.